This Eye Shadow Palette Has Sold Out 4x on My Website


It all started by being asked via Direct Message on my Instagram five thousand times what eyeshadow I wear on a daily basis. I decided after writing back individually; I would film a video on my everyday makeup look because I wear this eyeshadow palette called “Bottled Blonde” every day. It’s simple only three shadows and looks fantastic every time you apply it. I even wear this palette for my photo shoots and On-Air with The Home Shopping Network when I am talking about all things beauty. To say it is my favorite palette is an understatement.

Once my Everyday Makeup Look video went live on YouTube, I sold out that weekend of the “Bottled Blonde” eyeshadow palette. I placed a replenishment order then another and another. As I write this post, I just sold out again yesterday. It is my number one product I sell for my capsule makeup line each month. Don’t worry I will be back in stock on November 13th, 2018.

What makes this palette so special? First, the palette consists of only three go-to colors with a little sheen to help give life to the eyes. They are triple milled to give an ultra velvety application and highly pigmented. You don’t have to work hard to achieve your everyday look wtih this palette.

I designed my cosmetic line for the women that would book makeup lessons with me in the studio. I found that I was writing down all the makeup in my professional kit that I used on a detailed face chart. I would then give the face chart to these women where they would go to Sephora or a department store and get confused and overwhelmed with all the makeup choices.

“Bottled Blonde” swatch on skin

I decided to keep it simple and give these ladies precisely what they needed in-house, I wanted a simple, affordable makeup line that was easy to use and provided a beautiful fresh look. Fresh Beauty Studio cosmetics is the perfect solution to the overwhelming, complicated makeup scene.

Some of my other Best-Sellers in my line include:

NikRay” lipstick

Organza” lip liner

Headstrong” eyeshadow palette

Classic Beach” face palette

Satin” lip liner

Check out the video below that shows you how I get my everyday fresh look with minimal effort.

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